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Compact Air Cooler

Evaporative Air Cooling Concept

Ventilation and Cooling Principle Schematic

Evaporative coolers are used mostly in dry regions where temperature hikes a lot. Evaporative coolers does not only provides comfort level by reducing temperature by upto 20 degrees but also saves a lot on energy bills. These are easy to install and needs less maintenance.

  • Low Capex
  • Energy Saving upto 80%
  • Environment friendly
  • Modular design and construction for long life
  • Protection from Over Load, Single Phasing, Voltage Fluctuation
  • UV protected Poly Propylene body.
  • High Quality Munters Celdeck Pads
  • Industries
  • Offices/Canteen etc
  • Commercial Establishments
  • Schools/Colleges etc
  • Auditoriums/Cinema Halls
  • Restaurants