Disinfection Chamber

Disinfection Chamber Disinfection Chamber

To help fight the current pandemic situation, Eco Air would like to bring to your notice that, we have launched a new Product concept of - EcoProtect Portable Disinfection Chamber, which can be used at the entry points of any Government institutions, Hospitals, Police stations, Manufacturing plants, Essentials stores such as Grocery and Medical stores and any other.

Ecoair is contributing to the fight against COVID – 19 Pandemic by Design , Development & Supply of Disinfecting Tunnel System which can help in curbing the spread of COVID-19.

Disinfection is a process which reduces the number of contaminating micro-organisms, particularly those liable to cause infection or disease, to a level which is not harmful to health.

EcoProtect Disinfecting Tunnel is Engineered for reducing the risk of COVID-19 infection and curbing its spread wherever large number of people movement is involved like Airports, Railway Stations, Factories, IT Centers etc.

It is important to note that any disinfection systems does not offer a hundred percent protection against microbes but they substantially reduce contaminations and infections and hence finding wide acceptance across hospitals , public utilities, etc.

The disinfection system tunnel will not eradicate the virus inside the body, but will effectively reduce infecting microbes on the surfaces from further transmission. The system can be customized as per specific customer requirements.

Disinfection Chamber Product Design

How EcoProtect Disinfectant System Works

  • The tunnel creates an obligatory passage which is equipped with multiple strategically positioned atomizing nozzles that saturate the environment with disinfectants preventing and neutralizing any possibl pathogens.
  • When a person enters the tunnel, a motion sensor triggers the system to activate a Very High pressure pump which disperses the disinfecting solution stored in the tank throughout the chamber
  • Conventional Misting System will not serve the purposes of disinfection as the Low Pressure system creates a spray where the droplet sizes are large and hence wet the person and finally due to gravity fall to the ground and.
  • EcoProtect High Pressure Atomization Systems disperses the disinfectant with a 8 – 10 micron droplet size which ensures the disinfectant stays air borne and creating a Fog of disinfectant!
  • EcoaProtect also incorporates UVC Lamp Systems at the Entry and exit points thereby offereing a secondary disinfectant system for addityional protection.
  • The motion Sensor will automatically deactivate the system when the person exits the tunnel.
    • 1. Tunnel frame structure :-
    • Tunnel Frame structure made from Corrosion resistant materials. Dimensions of the cuboidal tunnel 2235mmX2438mmX1524mm.

    • 2. Solution filled tank :- 1 unit
    • It has capacity of 500 litre ,Which allows it to work for nonstop 15 hours.It contains either Isopropyl Alcohol & Hydrogen Peroxide or Sodium Hypochlorite Solution.

    • 3.High precision misting pressure pump (AC) :- 1 unit
    • High pressure misting pump coupled with a 1 H.P single phase motor which is capable of producing 1000 psi pressure to atomize the Solution . The system comprises of a pressure gauge, vibration dampers, miscellaneous brass fittings and a mild steel frame structure mount. The pump is also equipped with a safety valve and a bypass system. Pump capacity –3 LPM (litres per minute)

    • 4. Cleanable stainless steel high pressure nozzle :- 16 units
    • Nozzle along with anti-dripping function suitable to operate at 1500 psi. Mist droplet size – 20 – 35 mu meter.(0.3mm). Arrangement: 4 nozzles on top and 12 nozzles placed on the sides of the frame for 360 degree coverage.

    • Nylon pipe, fittings & ferrules :-
    • It is available in diameters as per the design flow rates with necessary clamps which are duly tested for 1500 psi pressure (12mm outer diameter & 8 mm inner diameter) – 15 Meters

    • Misting nozzle connectors:-
    • High pressure connectors which connect nozzle and nylon pipe- 16 Nozzle

    • Misting Fittings (Elbow & Tee) :- 04 units
    • Motion Sensor :- 1 unit
    • UVC Lamps Sytems which have proven to work on disinfecting Ebola & SARS Viruses.