We continuously strive for creating comfort
  • Comfortable cooling, drop temperature by 20°C with high air flow
  • Fresh, filtered, cool and oxygen rich air
  • Dust protection (dust free environment)
  • Control the humidity and temperature
  • Proper air distribution
  • Open space cooling
  • Exhausting large volumes of air

We understand and cater to the requirements of the Industrial environment across industries.

Solutions we offer for Industrial environment like

  • Shop Floors
  • Assembly areas
  • Testing facilities
  • Moulding Industries

Large spaces like shop floors, factory sheds, assembly areas etc. require cooling and ventilation due to large amount of heat generated in the various activities happening around. The place needs to be comfortable for the workers to work long hours in all seasons. Effective air distribution is essential for such spaces. Our solutions are energy efficient solutions for low operating costs.

We understand the requirements and propose the best combination of our products for best results. Our products need minimal maintenance and makes life easier for our customers. With expansive experience across industries and varying conditions in the industrial premises we are competent to offer the best in class solution.

Our Solutions Enable
  • Creating comfortable ambience
  • Air circulation, Ventilation
  • Energy efficient and Cost efficient/ROI
  • Maintenance

Solutions we offer for Commercial environment like

  • Offices
  • Industrial Canteens
  • Commercial Malls
  • Shops
  • Restaurants/Banquet Halls/Marriage Halls

Many times the commercial places are already constructed and plug and play solutions for air circulation, ventilation and cooling are required.

Considering the spaces could be small and large in size we first understand the requirement and then propose an effective solution. The activity, size and structure determines the proposed solution.

Our Solutions Enable
  • Air circulation
  • Plug and play
  • Ventilation
  • Low energy consumption
HVLS Fan In Churches Ecoair

Solutions we offer for Institutional environment like

  • Temples/Mosques/Churches
  • Government establishments
  • Schools and colleges
  • Auditoriums
  • Hospitals

In places listed above we estimate the requirements by understanding the place. The location, density of population and activity determines the requirements and suitable solutions.

Our solutions enable
  • Creating comfortable ambience
  • Low noise
  • Clean filtered air